Aug 1, 2013
For over 2 years, Devoteam worked with a leading UK operator to investigate and implement OPEX savings within its transmission department in addition to improving processes. Cost savings were achieved by the understanding of processes, systems and finances for all leased customer circuits before taking action to remove and consolidate circuits as well as management of customer invoices on behalf of the operator. The net result was a €13,8 million saving, identification and rectification of database defects in toolsets, and a policing function to stabilise transmission planning quality in the network.
  • The challenges

    A leading network operation required considerable OPEX savings to be identified within the transmission network during the technology upgrade from legacy to IP outside of all the obvious benefits this affords. 
    The transmission optimisation service was put in place to assist the customer in evolving the transmission network, adding control and ownership attributes to IP network expansion program.
    In parallel it was identified that the customer had lost track of data integrity between the various systems in place, meaning that potentially they were overpaying on monthly leased bills in addition to understanding the true capacity requirements allowing for reductions and consolidation in circuits across the network. Devoteam was initially engaged with the purpose of investigating and implementing OPEX savings within its transmission department and looking at processes to improve methodologies.     

  • What did we solve?

    Devoteam deployed consultancy services to perform an intensive network audit and investigation. The achievements covered:

    • Delivery of immediate and long term costs savings by identifying redundant network infrastructure to reduce costs
    • Identification of links with no traffic/links that had been requested for cease but were still being charged for - Dual transmission links
    • Consolidation of new technology and legacy equipment through focused transmission management
    • Data cleanse exercise on existing systems to improve data integrity
    • Finance Approved Savings (FAS): tracking of asset removal - reducing asset footprint and power consumption through consolidation
  • Key results and customer benefits
    • €5.75 million savings in 2011 and €8.05 million savings through:
      • Supplier credit notes
      • Accrued finance Ops
      • Yearly cost savings attributed to:
        • Dual Transmission
        • Traffic free links identified for removal
        • Notice To Quit (NTQ) sites
        • Stop/suspend list
    • Expected ~€35 million saving expected over a 5-year period
    • x8 in cost savings (ROI)
    • Overall management of capacity (removal, addition and reallocation of circuits) in alignment with project requirements
    • Policing of suppliers to enforce correct billing