Mar 20, 2011
Devoteam helps Kcom, a leading UK communications service provider, embrace next generation services to deliver a world-class customer experience
  • Main challenges

    For multi-site organisations with complex business challenges, Kcom is the communication services provider that delivers a world-class customer experience.

    Drawing on decades of experience, Kcom is recognised as innovative and practical about delivering communication services and solutions. They provide the reassurance and capability of an established partner, coupled with the attentive, flexible and personalised service typical of the smaller providers.

    With a turnover in 2011 of £387 million Kcom has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1999 and employs 2,000 people across the UK. Operating the largest and most advanced network in the UK – 2,200 km of fibre located nationwide – Kcom is expanding its growing customer base.

    Responding to key drivers such as an increase in customer self-service, the emergence of PSN requirements, and the need to exploit IT further, Kcom had a stated aim and key differentiator: “We aim to help our customers exploit communications and associated technologies to improve the performance of their businesses and organisations and to enhance their personal communications experience”.

    By combining the agility and personal touch of a small supplier with the technical breadth and depth of a large player, Kcom enjoys the best of all worlds.

  • What did we solve?

    Kcom had defined what they termed the Next Generation Service Organisation (NGSO) in terms of contact strategy (offering a single view of the customer), processes, systems and behaviours. With this in mind, Kcom initiated an RFP process with tenders from 12 companies, out of which they shortlisted the best two providers to propose a solution set for New Generation OSS (Operational Support Systems). Devoteam was chosen for this ambitious project. Devoteam began by refining the architecture of the new NG-OSS solution into four principal layers:

    • Data collection (network availability, performance management, configuration and change)
    • Data modelling and analysis (root cause analysis and detailed analytics)
    • Presentation and service level management (operations interface, unified service model)
    • Secure role-based access (security access, authentication, service level performance management)

    Drawing on our extensive experience of service assurance gained through wide knowledge of vendor technology, Devoteam identified CA Technologies as the best fit for Kcom’s requirements. We demonstrated, with use cases, how a CA solution would show how different end users could access their own data sources inside an unified single solution architecture, and focus the offering on service quality, responsiveness and enhanced automation.

    Moreover, the strength of Devoteam’s proposal to use CA’s solution set focused on the customer’s ability to grow and scale without excess additional resources, set against their inability to improve service with the current NOC tools.

    The multiple CA product set mapped easily on to the layers of the NG-OSS architecture to form a single integrated solution. The NG-OSS set builds from traditional operations solutions such as CA Spectrum and CA eHealth, extended with CA NetQoS RA, and then moves to more service orientation with the addition of CA Spectrum Service Operation Insight (SOI) and CA Business Service Insight (BSI). CA IT-PAM provides the automation engine and access is secured through CA SiteMinder.

    NG-OSS has a remarkable infrastructure – delivered as a Private Cloud, independent of location for consumption of services, scalable and elastic, and able to support both the corporate group and partners.

  • “Devoteam has been pivotal to the success of the project by turning individual software components into an overall solution."

    Paul Murphy, Strategic Change Manager at Kcom

  • Main benefits

    During the handover to the client, Devoteam prioritised customer OnBoarding to reduce operational risk. A summary of the benefits which have accrued from this innovative project include:

    • Improved service without increasing headcount
    • An enhanced individual customer experience
    • Demonstration to customers that Kcom is able to handle issues proactively
    • Contracted commitments are actually being exceeded
    • Use of technology to share ‘good news’ with customers at multiple levels, without today’s overheads

    Kcom’s ground-breaking next generation services, the product of collaboration with Devoteam, have set a whole new standard for the communication services industry to follow.