The green IT solution, ecoDesktop, was developed as a result of the Municipality of Fredericia’s objective to reduce the annual electricity consumption from 20 GWh to 1.6 GWh.
From the beginning, it was a vital demand that the power-saving initiatives would not in any way limit the municipality’s efficiency or the employees’ access to their computers. Also, the system had to be easy to administer on a daily basis.
  • The challenges

    Devoteam analysed the possibilities of saving power within the municipality’s IT segment, and the analysis pointed to a significant savings potential on desktop computers.

    “We concluded that by analysing the power consumption for each computer and logging the uptime and power consumption, we would be able to demonstrate savings of up to 48% on desktop computers,” says Morten Juul Nielsen, Senior Consultant, Devoteam.

    The subsequent challenge was to realise and document the potential. However, no product or process existed for this. Consequently, Devoteam collaborated with CA Software.

  • What did we solve?

    Fredericia Municipality’s IT department teamed up with Devoteam and CA Software for the task of developing and adjusting the municipality’s IT management and monitoring tools to support a greener power management. “The period of analysis showed that an average of 37% of the municipality’s desktop computers were left on overnight. These 'rotten apples' caused a substantial part of the municipality’s power wastage,” explains Per Toftdahl, IT Manager, the Municipality of Fredericia.

    Following a successful pilot project at Fredericia’s Municipal Service Centre, which involved a team of 59 users recording pre- and post-test results, the entire project was rolled out on the municipality’s almost 1,600 desktops. The IT department has received nothing but positive reactions from the users, and savings of up to 48% on the power consumption have been verified using an electricity energy meter on the EDP power group at the City Hall in Fredericia.

    The greatest savings were found on the desktop computers, which generally have uneconomical power settings. However, during the process it became evident that laptops save far less power than assumed. In a second phase it would therefore be natural to install the solution on all laptops in the municipality.

    “When suppliers and customers are working 100% towards the same goals, you are able to move fast. Devoteam was quick to acknowledge our idea and take it from there. The project was characterised by a huge amount of respect for the common project, which made the whole process a really positive experience”
    Per Toftdahl, IT Manager, the Municipality of Fredericia

  • Main benefits

    Significant savings in three years are:

    • 48% in power consumption
    • DKK 1,500,000 on the electricity bill
    • 1,065,878 kilos of carbon dioxide

    Today, almost four year later, ecoDesktop is a commercial success for Devoteam. We have implemented it with more than 10 organisations in Denmark, including the City of Copenhagen (Capital of Denmark), where the solution is managing power on some 20,000 PCs in the central administration.

    ecoDesktop is highly relevant and interesting, especially within the public sector, as it provides significant savings on electricity and carbon emissions. Most municipalities in Denmark have an ambitious environmental strategy, and are looking for projects that can help them achieve their goals. Outside the public sector, ecoDesktop has been a success within the retail industry. Retail organisations with many point-of-sale devices are ideal candidates for power management, as these devices must remain switched on for technical and commercial reasons.