Sep 12, 2012
Safran is a leading international high-technology group with 3 core business lines - aerospace, defence and security.
Recently, the Group expanded its international presence, with 62,500 employees and generated sales of 13.6 billion euros in 2012.
  • Main challenges

    Safran was looking for a solution to overcome the complexity of managing 12 different IT systems, with diverse processes and tools used within the Group. The Group also had to convince their subsidiaries to reduce their CIOs' scope of responsibility and to delegate their IT budgets.

  • What did we solve?

    "This IT transformation plan impacted about 1,000 IT people and demonstrated Devoteam's expertise, skills and ability to handle IT transformation in a complex environment"

    Devoteam managed standardisation of IT services production across the Group (establishing one shared IT Services Centre) and deployed explicit, simple, known and respected processes and rationalised infrastructure, transforming IT into a respected business partner.

    Devoteam enabled Safran to manage and accelerate the transition from multiple IT-centric organisations to a unique and business-centric organisation with outsourced basic IT activities.

  • Main benefits
    • Reduction of the number of incidents and precautionary information by 50%
    • By 2015, Safran will achieve a total savings of over 6 million euros on annual basis
    • Number of full time employees reduced by 25%
    • Reduction of infrastructure costs (software and material)  with a unique shared IT services centre