Jun 27, 2012
Learn how Devoteam helped Soitec, a leader in design and production of semi-conductor materials in electronics and energy markets, to transform its IT by leveraging a very ambitious cloud vision.
  • Main challenges

    Soitec is a company expanding internationally with 90% of its revenues coming from export sales and diversifying into the very dynamic solar energy and LED lighting market since 2009.
    Present in 10 countries, Soitec planned to expand its business and also to open a branch in San Diego for photo-voltaic assembly.
    To facilitate this growth, Soitec was looking for a way to develop a strong and reliable infrastructure.
    Devoteam helped Soitec to define a Right Cloud strategy and start its transformation journey towards cloud.

  • Success
    • Develop adequate and reliable infrastructure to handle growth
    • Focus on core-business and valued-added services
    • Encourage agility and variable cost models to adapt to business cycles
    • Set the IT department as a partner for the business transformation
    • Ensure success through a value-driven transformation
  • Anecdote

    Cloud is the means for Soitec to reach its IT modernisation objectives.

  • Main benefits
    • Easier new IS implementation: Project duration and initial investment cut by 20% to 50%
    • No capacity issues on infrastructure
    • Openness, easier integration of new entities: IT services available from the cloud, enabled mobility
    • Increased economic flexibility
    • Decreased IT activities, more business focus