Devoteam has been chosen to support the creation of the world's first vendor-neutral marketplace for cloud computing: the Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange (DBCE). This new marketplace enables IT resources to be traded electronically, with full transparency.
  • The challenges

    "IT experts expect this decision to cause a change in market pattern and a stronger standardization of IT services, comparable with utility services for energy, natural gas and water"

    Recognizing the cloud-associated and rapidly growing industry investments, Deutsche Boerse made a strategic decision. It established the world’s premier spot market for IaaS resources - the Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange (DBCE) - to open in early 2014.

    Devoteam was selected by DBCE to develop new business models and test the planned trading platform.

  • What did we solve?
    • Enabling multiple IaaS providers to offer resources to consumers in one place
    • Allowing buyers to select from a wide range of sellers
    • Delivering product consistency throughout the marketplace
    • Providing standardized contracts for all market participants
    • Acting as an independent market operator
    • Providing neutral governance
    • Offering a simple and broad product portfolio for buyers to choose from

    Devoteam used its involvement as an early adaptor to develop business cases, making the DBCE marketplace a working reality for its customers. These business cases simplified and pushed secure trading of computing and storage capacities. Customers benefited from highly efficient procurement processes and fully automated service delivery. With its business cases, Devoteam offered:

    • Turnkey integration and process adoption of the DBCE marketplace
    • End-to-end integration and new business processes, such as decision models for selecting DBCE offerings
    • DBCE Service Broker support to trade marketplace-offered capacities on behalf of customers to meet cost and time-related objectives and to provide platform and business services designed by Devoteam
  • What are the key benefits, KPI, main learning points?
    • Offering a high level of transparency for offered IaaS compute and storage capacities
    • Optimizing IT finance and capacity management with market-based IaaS prices
    • Fulfilling compliance requirements: DBCE is going to launch distinct European and US spot markets, which will sell only IaaS resources physically located in their respective areas and covered by local law. On the other hand, consumers will be able to purchase resources worldwide via either marketplace