Customer challenges
  • Implementing a private cloud will help you to get the cloud benefits combined with the highest control and security. Your IT department will move forward from “IT as a service centre” to “IT as valuable business partner”

    More than ever before, the internal IT departments are challenged in terms of provided agility, time to market and cost efficiency. Existing approaches like standardisation, unique platforms and virtualisation have already been implemented and are delivering significant value. But they are not sufficient for the current market dynamics all industries are facing, especially regarding upcoming disruptive technologies like cloud, mobility, etc.

    Therefore, a key lever for reaching the next maturity level of an internal IT organisation is the launch of a Private Cloud initiative.

    Private Cloud delivers

    • Everything as a service, managed by objectives/SLAs
    • IT self-service portal
    • 100% automated IT service delivery
    • Dramatically reduced delivery time: from weeks to minutes
    • Cost reductions of 15-40% through capacity management, utilization optimization & automation

Case Studies
  • BMW Group builds its Private Cloud
    BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and services for individual mobility.
    The company has activities in more than 150 countries with 76 B€ revenues in 2013.
  • A Large German Automotive Company rolls out a Private Cloud to support its worldwide collaboration platform
    A successful automotive manufacturer decided to implement a new integrated collaboration platform for more than 200.000 employees. The platform included email, chat, web & video-conference services and the support for virtual project teams worldwide.
  • Mobily: When a Telecom builds a Private Cloud to support business service management
    Mobily is the second largest mobile operator in Saudi Arabia. The company is growing fast in the region, with 22 million subscribers in 2013. To meet its business priorities and anticipate its future needs, Mobily clearly needs a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Mobily's challenge was to allow its internal business units to provision database and web servers themselves.
  • Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange is the first marketplace for cloud computing
    Supporting the creation of the first marketplace for cloud computing, DBCE
    Devoteam has been chosen to support the creation of the world's first vendor-neutral marketplace for cloud computing: the Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange (DBCE). This new marketplace enables IT resources to be traded electronically, with full transparency.
At a glance
  • Private Cloud planning & design
    • Private Cloud service design
    • Private Cloud operations definition incl. Private Cloud reference architecture & security
    • Set up appropriate finance and capacity management for an effective business alignment
    • Private Cloud business planning
  • Build the operational Private Cloud environment
    • Service catalogue establishment
    • Private Cloud service orchestration & delivery
    • Private Cloud resource management
  • Private Cloud operations
    • SLA enforcement
    • Proactive service performance management
    • Continuous resource optimisation
    • Helpdesk & support
Our services
  • Right Cloud
    Define the best cloud strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Private Cloud
    Optimise the way you build, maintain and operate your private cloud
  • One Cloud
    Deal with the integration of multiple cloud services
    to ensure their combined efficiency and sustainability