May 20, 2015
BMC has just announced the release of a new version of BMC Remedy ITSM... Remedy 9! A version for which Devoteam has been involved for beta-testing: here are some enhancements.
  • As an Elite partner of BMC, Devoteam is involved in beta-testing of new versions of BMC Solutions and especially for BMC Remedy ITSM which will reach the 9.0 version. As you may know this version was introduced last days and we are very exciting to present you some of enhancements of the solution.

    Simplify Reporting with Smart Reporting!

    Reporting is a key feature of ITSM Solution. Useful to estimate IT Staff work or to follow trends on processes (for instance), complete reports and dashboards were often available in a replicated database. Reporting Capabilities within ITSM was quite limited but Smart Reporting, the new solution provided by BMC is Easy to use, and allow creation of reports and dashboard, with a Drag-and-drop User Interface and directly with live datas !

  • Powerful Archive mechanisms

    In many implementation, questions around archiving datas are raised around capacities of the tool to archive old datas to limit the size of database… Until now, mechanisms need some customization.
    ITSM 9.0 integrates a native solution that allow you to configure criteria to archive of process tickets (Incident, …) with their associated records such as Work-Infos, Relationships, ...

  • Integrate User Data Management

    Before, updating existing people, importing people from LDAP drives to difficulties and errors. With the Onboarding Wizard Data Update, you can update existing records for some aspects. Better, a LDAP integration and import behavior is implemented in the people step of the Onboarding Wizard.

  • Interesting Other Enhancements

    Many other enhancement have been made on this new version, including:

    • CMDB
    • promotion from Developpement to Production: simplification of the transfert
    • FTS: better search experience, …

    If you need some information on this new version, contact us!