• Today, upgrading to Unified Communications is one business decision that can make a real difference in the long term.

    Improving individual and collective productivity and 24/7 nomadic access to information on all devices will be crucial for companies in the next few years.  New practices and the need for business agility will require companies to rethink communications services and usage. Adapting their communications to optimise costs is key to success and sustainability. 


Customer benefits
  • Unified Communications create agility, making both moving and reorganisation easier while maintaining effective teamwork and enhancing the corporate image inside and outside the company.
    The ever-smaller distinction between work and personal life means users need to be shown the real benefits of “AnyTime-AnyWhere-AnyDevice” solutions with well-adapted communications tools.
    And Unified Communications help companies stay competitive by optimising telephone communication, travel, and operating costs.

Case studies
  • Devoteam develops a master plan to redesign prominent bank's telecom system
    Devoteam worked with one of the biggest financial institutions in North Africa to elaborate a telecom master plan. Backed by the experience and the expertise of its highly motivated personnel, a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and a strong presence in the local market, this bank, with its more than 3000 employees, offers its institutional, corporate and individual customers a large and innovative range of products and services for their activities in the country and worldwide.
  • New infrastructure across 20 countries at Carlsberg
    Carlsberg is the world’s fourth largest brewery group. The flagship brand – Carlsberg – is one of the best-known beer brands in the world. More than 43,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group. As an independent wholly owned business affiliation Carlsberg IT (CIT) provides consultancy, development and services on IT solutions in the Carlsberg Group.
  • Building a multiservice network design for a network equipment supplier
    A network equipment supplier needed to propose an access aggregation network concept. Devoteam delivered the network design to the customer, including protection, services and dimension concept. The result was a footprint-optimized solution, including CAPEX savings up to 15%.
  • Achieving huge OPEX savings for a leading network operator
    For over 2 years, Devoteam worked with a leading UK operator to investigate and implement OPEX savings within its transmission department in addition to improving processes. Cost savings were achieved by the understanding of processes, systems and finances for all leased customer circuits before taking action to remove and consolidate circuits as well as management of customer invoices on behalf of the operator. The net result was a €13,8 million saving, identification and rectification of database defects in toolsets, and a policing function to stabilise transmission planning quality in the network.
  • 3 people looking at a screen
    Performing quality assurance testing for Next Generation Intelligent Network migration
    The main challenge of one of the major Belgian telecom operator was to make an inventory of all impacted end-to-end services in the network that have been implemented over the years. The project covered the quality assurance - discussing and evaluating the business requirements of new pre-paid promotions, validating and testing the development and delivering the validated promotions to the operational department. Thanks to our fully automated test package, the customer can execute a significant test scope for every software application or configuration update in just a few working days.
At a glance
Our value proposition: We help you integrate your various communications channels -- telephony, instant messaging, email, audio and videoconferencing, documents sharing, etc.
  • Devoteam can help you with each step of your project:
    • Design
      • Run workshop and define needs
      • Define and user-validate functional targets
      • Identify technical & organisational Impacts
      • Develop sourcing strategy
      • Establish benchmarking
      • Organise RFI/RFP
    • Build
      • Lead transformation
      • Manage teams
      • Coordinate outsourcing
      • Manage risk
      • Deploy services
      • Oversee operations
    • Run
      • Manage contracts
      • Control telecom expenses
      • Manage change
      • Conduct business satisfaction surveys