• Our customers are now aware of the emergence of conferencing services and of their interoperability

    Video, the medium of expression in the public sphere, has had difficulty breaking into business but its technological maturity is now reducing resistance to its use. In fact, not only has videoconferencing - all business video communication solutions - become a powerful tool combining reliability, high quality and ergonomics, it has also cut costs and boosted competitiveness and employee productivity. Videoconferencing has finally been adapted to the needs and uses of companies, with a real range of services delivering flexibility and interoperability.

Customer benefits
  • Thanks to globalization, increased competition, and the need to improve communications and reduce decision-making time, the videoconferencing market is growing.
    Videoconferencing addresses the "sustainable development" challenge on all levels:

    • Social – more cooperation and flexibility, less stress
    • Economic – lower costs, higher productivity
    • Environmental – no greenhouse gases
At a glance
  • Our Approach

    Our experience with our customers tells us how important it is to reassure decision-makers about the interest in conferencing, to consider new business scenarios to justify the conferencing tool, and to encourage a good change management policy to favor its usage. Devoteam Consulting has developed a clear approach to videoconferencing tools: align the offers to the usage needs, take advantage of market innovations to broaden the range of services proposed, and think in terms of ROI. Our knowledge of the market allows us to consider the customer context and recommend the most adapted solutions and most relevant providers within the framework of a consultation strategy.

  • Our videoconferencing strategy:
    • Optimize exchanges, improve cooperation, reduce costs through videoconferencing
    • Use the most relevant technology
    • Ensure the best customer experience
    • Align the market offer to the company needs
    • Think in terms of ROI
    • Develop a sustainable tool
    • Integrate with unified communications