• The network is a critical link in the information system; its quality and reliability must be guaranteed.
    Its coverage must  be global and seamless, with a “follow the sun” operations organisation.
    And it must be able to cope with increases in traffic and handle the emergence of Cloud with hybrid network opportunities.
    Optimising the cost requires finding the right balance between Make and Buy.


Customer benefits
  • Benefit from more bandwidth and a better quality of service while ensuring IS security - all at a controlled cost.
    Via a cockpit, monitor the reliability and quality of operations and respond flexibly to traffic changes.

At a glance
Our value proposition to optimise your network
  • Design
    • Define a service-oriented strategy
      Construction of a service catalog
    • Frame priorities and governance of supplier relationship (master plan)
    • Collect and analyse existing customer needs
    • Define the macro target architecture
      Technical and operational scenarios
    • Structure allotment in view of market
    • Construct a service catalog
      National WANs
    • International backbones
  • Build
    • Structure and write RFP book
    • Conduct negotiations
      Workshop with operators
    • Define operator order process
    • Industrialise operator orders
    • Establish site acceptance test protocol
    • Choose with or without supervision outsourcing
    • Manage room access
    • Define migration process and service roll-out
      Management of access reversibility
    • Define operation and maintenance processes
  • Run
    • Lead and manage services
    • Optimise operation and maintenance processes
      Coordination of actors on the international WAN perimeters.
    • Optimise service management process
    • Follow up network management and set up indicators
    • Set up capacity planning
    • Analyse and validate operator invoices
    • Manage supplier and external customer contracts
      Management of operator penalties
    • Manage TEM and billing processes