Levallois-Perret - France
Experience Level
Education Level
ESIGETEL Engineer, Management Master in Paris Dauphine
  • First steps

    What I remember from my first month in Devoteam was that the integration path was well organised: I was very quickly connected with my peers thanks to cloud community. I was invited to participate in cloud computing events and, through Devoteam, had the opportunity to state my views in press articles.

  • Career milestones

    I joined Devoteam as Cloud Skill Centre Manager, bringing my 15 years of experience in IT management consulting. I also contributed to the design of Devoteam's new offers: Cloud Transformation and IT Service Excellence. To support the offer roll-out, I managed the first significant pre-sales business in private cloud. Today, I'm also Cloud Business Developer, busy making the Cloud Transformation offer evolve, managing major pre-sales and identifying new opportunities.

  • Everyday life

    I manage complex business on infrastructure management and cloud computing, offering our customers pragmatic approaches and providing them a strategic vision of new technologies. I am developing our hybrid cloud offer, Right Cloud, and supporting the growing cloud expertise of our consultants.

  • Personal life

    A half marathon specialist, I also devote my leisure time to other favorite sports such as tennis, swimming and, during holidays, skiing, surfing and windsurfing.

  • Sep 3, 2013
    Moving toward hybrid cloud, Infrastructure as a service perspective