Copenhagen - Denmark
Experience Level
Senior (+30 years)
Education Level
Bachelor in mathematics and informatics - University of Copenhagen
  • Career milestones

    My first career milestone was to be appointed Partner in 2006. Alongside this appointment I took responsiblity for a team working with IT Management in general. The consulting services included infrastructure consulting, sourcing, IT Service Management and IT Strategy and Economics. Next milestone was to build and establish a Solution Buiness in Denmark around IT Service Excellence. Recently I became a member of Devoteam's Centre of Excellence Team for IT Service Excellence. In this team my contribution focuses primarily on consulting services within the offer.

  • Everyday life

    I spent most of my time leading Service Excellence and general IT management projects. In addition, I have worked with industrialising an offer on sourcing contract benchmark. This offer allows us to assist clients in understanding whether they are conforming to market prices and eventually leads to new projects defining their future sourcing strategy. And of course I take part in the work done by the Centre of Excellence Team. Finally, I manage a small team of five highly skilled IT Service Excellence consultants in Denmark.

  • Personal life

    I live in the northern part of Copenhagen with my wife. We have two grown-up children and two grandchildren aged two and five. I enjoy keeping in shape by running in the woods north of Copenhagen. I like to watch football and I am enthusiastc about wines - especially the Spanish and Italian ones.