Munich - Germany
Experience Level
Expert in Telecommunications
Education Level
Graduate engineer in electrical engineering
  • First steps

    I joined Devoteam together with other experienced network planners when the company just implemented a network solutions growth and a transformation program. Our business unit leader fully involves us in sales and marketing activities to address the telecommunication market. It is very exciting to see whether your technical know-how and project experience fits with market demand or you need to develop additional competences.

  • Everyday life

    For sure you don’t risk ending up in boring routines. Each and every customer project is coming with very specific requirements. To do a good job it’s essential to be well connected with colleagues and customer experts.

  • Personal life

    Discover the best of French and German way of life. Taking over responsibility and leadership position when cruising on Waltz dance floor.

  • Sep 17, 2013
    Is LTE LTE-A a key enabler for our customers?